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Removing Wasps from Your Home

Regal Pest Control services homes and businesses on a daily basis for the removal and prevention of wasp infestations. No matter how beautiful and pest safe you think your home or city is proper pest control when it comes to wasps, must be utilized and maintained to prevent an infestation. Wasps are a common summertime problem for homeowners. Dealing with their nests is usually best left to a professional pest control company for many reasons. Those who are susceptible to allergic reactions must be especially cautious because a wasp’s venom can cause serious and sometimes fatal, reactions. Further, many homeowners may be unable to effectively reach and remove the wasps themselves.

The best way to prepare yourself for what pest control method to utilize, you must first determine the type of wasp you’ve dealing with. Wasps are classified as either solitary or social. If you come across a wasp that’s flying solo, and it doesn’t head towards others or an active nest, you are most likely seeing a solitary wasp. Solitary wasps usually won’t bother you or your family unless provoked; however, unlike solitary wasps, social wasps build nests and gather in swarms. Once a nest is formed, these dangerous pests will continue to return to that location and become territorial. This is when a homeowner’s problems start.


Most wasps usually prefer to build their nests in protected, shaded areas such as under eaves, porch roofs, decking, sheds and steps. Wasp nests are often hard to locate because wasps can easily hide into small spaces, burrow into the ground or construct their nests high into the tops of trees. One of the easiest ways to locate a nest is to wait until dusk and observe the wasps’ flight pattern. This will often lead you to the area they made home. If you find no success in locating a nest, be sure to contact a professional pest control company. Years of experience enable pest management professionals to quickly and efficiently identify and deal with any wasp nests they’ve located on your property.

Removing wasps from your property is not something to be taken lightly. If you are deciding whether to exterminate your wasps on your own or call in a pest control professional to handle the job, here are some helpful tips to consider. The most common option used to naturally remove wasps is through the use of traps. Typically these contain a pesticide-free liquid that attract the wasps into the trap and are designed to make an escape impossible. However, professional traps are more successful because of their construction and placement. They are made with high-quality materials. Pest control professionals will know where to place these traps around your property where wasps naturally dwell. These areas include outdoor bars, gardens, outside eating areas, near patios, and children’s play areas. Further, organic sprays is another removal option. Much like chemical pesticides, organic sprays are applied directly to wasp nests and work quickly to kill the wasps. However, organic sprays offer homeowners peace of mind in regards to the impact on their health, the soil, and overall environment. Be sure to leave the treated nest in its location after spraying. This ensures that returning wasps are also eradicated once they enter the nest. Be aware that wasps that return to find their home removed will typically build a new one. By keeping the treated wasp nest intact, a pest control professional is able to apply an effective control measure for the future. The most challenging wasps to remove are those located within walls. If you can hear buzzing sounds from within a wall, the best way to proceed is to immediately call a pest control company. Serious damage can be created by nests from the inside of walls. Be sure to not make the mistake of trying to kill any you may see outside the wall. This will only cause the remaining wasps to move farther into the wall. Another mistake people often make is using an aerosol spray in this situation. Spraying an aerosol through a hole and into the wall will eventually lead to the adult and larva wasps to rot once perished. Also, extended moisture within the wall can lead to mold and fungus growth.

Wasps are dangerous when provoked. If you suspect you are experiencing an infestation, be sure to call Regal Pest Control we can eliminate your home invaders swiftly and safely.

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