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Regal Pest Management. offers comprehensive insect and rodent control in Bronxville. We strive to eliminate insect infestations at their source so that you can continue with your business and enjoy your homes.

Call Regal Pest Management right now for help with rodents and insects, in Bronxville. Our staff is on site and serving our clients throughout the county each day. Below is a basic review of the pests we regularly exterminate throughout the area.

Pest Control – To Help Resolve Your Bug Problems

Since Regal Pest Management services the Village of Bronxville each day, we have learned a bit about the area… Bronxville is an affluent village within the town of Eastchester, and the County of Westchester . As a suburb of New York City, it is located approximately 15 miles north of midtown Manhattan. Bronxville has a population of approximately 6,500 people and it recently ranked 20th in the US on a list of the highest income places in the United States.

A notable fact for the area is that the Bronxville 10708 zip code covers not only the village of Bronxville proper, but also Chester Heights and other sections of Eastchester, parts of Tuckahoe, and Lawrence Park West, Cedar Knolls, Armour Villa, and other sections of Yonkers. This brings the ZIP code’s population to 22,411 (2000 census), covering an area more than twice as large as the actual municipality of Bronxville itself and encompassing several notable institutions such as Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers. In fact, there are more residents of Yonkers using a Bronxville mailing address than living in the village itself.

Whatever your zip code, you can rest assured that Regal Pest Management can handle your pest issue throughout Westchester County and we can service all your insect or rodent control needs.