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Regal Pest Management. offers comprehensive insect and rodent control in Chappaqua. We strive to eliminate insect infestations at their source so that you can continue with your business and enjoy your homes.

Call Regal Pest Management right now for help with rodents and insects, in Chappaqua. Our staff is on site and serving our clients throughout the county each day. Below is a basic review of the pests we regularly exterminate throughout the area.

Pest Control – To Help Resolve Your Bug Problems

Since Regal Pest Management services the Hamlet of Chappaqua each day, we have learned a bit about the area… It has a population of about 9,500. In terms of income, on a national perspective, Chappaqua ranks 42nd among the 100 highest-income places in the United States (with at least 1,000 households). In 2008, CNN Money listed Chappaqua fifth in their list of “25 top-earning towns.

The name Chappaqua was derived from term that Native Americans used for their valley and hillside. It was an Algonquian word, that meant a place where nothing is heard but the rustling of the leaves in the wind. Chappaqua has great streams such as the Saw Mill River and Roaring Brook and these bodies of water were used in the area’s early milling industry and powered mills to crush corn and press oil from beans.

Another bit of the hamlet’s history comes from one very famous commuter who would make his way back and forth from Chappaqua to New York City was Horace Greeley, the successful editor of the New York Tribune. Horace and his wife loved the streams, the large evergreen trees, and their clean, fresh, ice-cold spring. Horace Greeley’s house still stands on King Street, just east of the train station and South Greeley Avenue and is home to the historical society.

Regal Pest Management is quite familiar working and performing pest control in the Chappaqua area, and all of Westchester County. Should you have any rodent or insect infestations or just want to make sure your property stays that way, please call us today with any inquires.