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Regal Pest Management. offers comprehensive insect and rodent control in Mamaronneck. We strive to eliminate insect infestations at their source so that you can continue with your business and enjoy your homes.

Call Regal Pest Management right now for help with rodents and insects, in Mamaronneck. Our staff is on site and serving our clients throughout the county each day. Below is a basic review of the pests we regularly exterminate throughout the area.

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Since Regal Pest Management services all of Westchester County, we have learned quite a bit about the Town of Mamaroneck… it was founded in 1661, is one of Westchester’s first settlements. From a modest population of seventy-seven settlers in 1698, the Town has become home to approximately 29,000 residents. Despite continuing growth the Town has retained its charm – cultivating the friendly communities that thrive within its beautiful landscape.

The name, Mamaroneck, a Native American term that is translated as “the place where the sweet waters fall into the sea,” is located just twenty-three miles north of New York City. Established at the mouth of a river and at the head of a harbor.

18th and 19th Century residents earned their livelihoods by farming, fishing, lumbering and milling. Manufacturing arrived with the 19th century and most was located (as it is today) in the Mamaroneck Village section. Larchmont Village and the Unincorporated Town were, and largely remain, residential.

The Town of Mamaroneck includes the entire Village of Larchmont (one square mile), An Unincorporated Area, and that part of the Village of Mamaroneck west of the Mamaroneck River bordering Rye Neck. Regal Pest Management services clients in Mamaroneck each and every day.