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Regal Pest Management. offers comprehensive insect and rodent control in Mount Kisco. We strive to eliminate insect infestations at their source so that you can continue with you business and enjoy your homes.

Call Regal Pest Management right now for help with rodents and insects, in Mount Kisco. Our staff is on site and serving our clients throughout the county each day. Below is a basic review of the pests we regularly exterminate throughout the area.

Pest Control – To Help Resolve Your Bug Problems

Since Regal Pest Management services the town of Mount Kisco each day, we have learned a bit about the area…Mount Kisco is a community that is both a village and a town in Westchester County, and it has a population of about 11,000 on a total land area of 3 square miles. Mount Kisco is socioeconomically diverse. Though most residents are middle to upper middle class professionals, this town is home to a sizable number of working class Hispanic immigrants who primarily reside in the downtown core.

In contrast, sprawling estates and equestrian farms are to be found farther away from the center of town. Worth tens of millions of dollars, these properties are occasionally of a historic nature, with many dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These bucolic country roads, meadows, and rolling hills are often technically within neighboring Bedford, though they share Mount Kisco’s zip code and post office. Residents in this overlapping zone may use either a Bedford Corners or Mount Kisco mailing address. Since Mount Kisco is the commercial hub of Northern Westchester, many of Mount Kisco’s shops and restaurants cater to an affluent clientele and include designer clothing boutiques, luxury jewelers, home decor, and trendy eateries. In addition, Mount Kisco houses national chains such as Target, Gap, Staples, and others, most with their only location in the area.

Housing in Mount Kisco is tremendously varied, consisting of apartment buildings, co-ops, condominiums, townhomes, typical suburban homes, McMansions, historic Colonials and Victorians, and multimillion dollar estates. Regal Pest Management is quite familiar with all of these structures and can provide for optimal pest control services to each and all of them.