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Regal Pest Management. offers comprehensive insect and rodent control in Scarsdale. We strive to eliminate insect infestations at their source so that you can continue with your business and enjoy your homes.

Call Regal Pest Management right now for help with rodents and insects, in Scarsdale. Our staff is on site and serving our clients throughout the county each day. Below is a basic review of the pests we regularly exterminate throughout the area.

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Since Regal Pest Management operates daily in Scarsdale, we have learned quite a bit about this community…With a population of about 18,000 people Scarsdale is a town and village in Westchester County, and falls in the northern suburbs of New York City. The Town of Scarsdale is coextensive with the Village of Scarsdale, but the community has opted to operate solely with a village government.

We have noticed that Scarsdale is well known as an affluent suburb of New York City, and it has regularly placed high in various wealth rankings. In 2013 it was ranked first in CNN Money’s list of “top earning towns” with a median family income close to $300,000. The median income for a household in the village was $182,792, The per capita income for the village was $89,907. That ranks as the 59th highest income in the country and second most for towns with a population of over 10,000.

Scarsdale residents have enjoyed success in many fields. James Fenimore Cooper, who wrote “The Spy”. Daniel D. Tompkins, five times Governor of New York(1807-1815) and twice Vice President of the United States, was born here. Other Scarsdale residents include distinguished scholars and artists, university presidents, a Nobel prize winner, state senators, members of Presidential cabinets, an astronaut, a New York State Commissioner of Education and presidents of large corporations.

Since Regal Pest Management services this community daily, we are quite familiar with the proper way to conduct business and service our clients through the area and we strive to provide the highest quality service available. Call us today.