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Pest Control for Business, Institutions, Food Service, & Apartment Complexes

We offer expert pest management services designed specifically to reduce and mitigate the risk of infestations in commercial and institutional buildings.

Commercial Pest Control Services

When it comes to insects at the work place, we know that you cannot afford the negative reputation, or the damage, that they could bring. We are ready to help you protect your image and customers, by removing and preventing unwanted pests quickly.

We offer commercial pest control services and are available to visit your business for a free consultation and detailed evaluation. Once an inspection is performed, we can then tell you more about what needs to be done. We personalize all treatments, and treatment plans, and will know how to remove insects efficiently so that your business can continue as usual.

Restaurant Pest Control

Owning a restaurant is a risky business dependent on the whims and trends of the public. Word of mouth is the number one advertising of all successful restaurants and can be the downfall of an unsuccessful one. While it may be acceptable to see an occasional bug in your home, it is completely unacceptable to ever see a pest in a restaurant. Setting aside the health considerations, one customer seeing one pest in your restaurant can signal the beginning of the end.

In addition to simple public relations, restaurant pest control is a health issue. You take pride in your food and service. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your employees and guests should also be a matter of pride. It’s not enough just to keep a clean kitchen, as pests will seek out warmth and food and your restaurant is prime real estate for all manner of insects and vermin.

Finally, there is the matter of your permits. As you know, the standards for commercial kitchens far exceed that of the home. Every little infraction is a point off. Enough of those points and your business gets closed. Not only do you never want a health inspector to see any sign of pest infestation, you need to show that you are doing everything you can to prevent a problem.

Food Processing Plants & Warehouses Pest Control

Pest control is vitally important in food processing plants and warehouses big and small for a few fundamental reasons. No matter the course of action taken, proper pest control will help to:

  • Grow and maintain customer trust and company reputation
  • Ensure the safety and health of employees and customers
  • Comply with all legal codes and obligations

All food processors, big and small, need to keep up with these procedures to ensure the health and continued success of the overall business. Government regulations are becoming more strict, and require a detailed plan as well as reporting to be done to be in compliance. As a business owner, the easiest way to remain within the confines of the law and protect your business is to use a professional pest management company.

An outbreak of salmonella, e. coli, or other disease has the potential to cause serious harm or even fatalities, with a complete loss of trust in the company as a result. A professional extermination and pest control company has the tools and planning needed to maintain the security and cleanliness of a business.

Employee absenteeism and attrition are also the cause of reduced productivity and increased training and hiring costs. While not all sources of employee dissatisfaction can be cured with pest control, an employee that sees pests in their work environment will feel no pride in their work and have little motivation to do more than the bare minimum. Word of mouth may even spread about pest issues as employees find out that no pest management company is on task.

The final and primary reason why an extermination and pest control company comes in handy is the adherence of local, state, and federal hygiene laws. A worker going home sick or quitting because of pests is one thing, but a government agency filing an investigation or shutting the business down can be catastrophic. A production outage of even a few days can not only destroy the reputation of the company, but the news of the outbreak will reach local media outlets, leading to further fallout.

The easiest way to avoid all of this hassle and make sure a food processing plant or warehouse continues to operate smoothly is to contract a professional pest control company. They can handle everything from the planning to the implementation and cleanup of the entire program, and even issue reports as proof of compliance to governmental agencies. Rest assured that everything is being handled by the pros and get back to business.

Multi-Family & Apartment Buildings Pest Control

For landlords who own multi-family & apartment buildings, pests are often considered to be a nightmare. This is especially true for those who don’t live in the buildings they own, as no matter how well you think you know your tenants, the fact remains that you can’t control the way they live. Nevertheless, you need to be able to rest easy knowing that if pest issues do occur, you’ll be able to get out of them unscathed. Fortunately, we offer all of the services necessary to ensure that your multi-family & apartment buildings remain under control, no matter what types of pests might try to invade.

Regal can help you with commercial pest control in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and the surrounding areas in New York. Our Integrated Pest Management services use state of the art methods and tools. Our trained technicians understand your needs and know the best ways to detect, eliminate, and control insects and rodents. We can offer you, and your business, the best pest control solutions available. We invite you to contact our licensed, professional technicians today for your pest control needs. Let us begin to help you get your business back to being pest-free!

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